Young Azerbaijani researcher Shamistan Alizadeh proposed an important formula for more accurate calculation of the Pi number in mathematics. According to his hypothesis, the roughest form of a circle is an equilateral triangle.

If we want to calculate the length of the circle more accurately, it is more optimal to approach the circle from the inside, starting from an equilateral triangle drawn inside the circle and increasing the number of its sides. In this case, the length of the circle is calculated more accurately as n- approaches positive infinity in the equilateral n-angle drawn inside the circle. In this case, as the length of the circle becomes more accurate, the value of Pi becomes more accurate. With the formula proved by Shamistan Alizade by this method, it is possible to calculate the pi number 3.16… value obtained by Babylonian and Egyptian scientists and 3.14…. values obtained with the latest technology in modern times and more accurate values.

Who is Shamistan Alizadeh?

The 30-year-old researcher was born in the Astara region of the Republic of Azerbaijan. In 2010, he was admitted to the Department of Mathematics and Informatics (in English) at Qafqaz University, he graduated from the 5-year university with Distinction in 3 years and 6 months with a Transcript average of 98.53. During his studies at the university, he took part in the Mathematics Olympiad research group and is the author of solving many difficult Olympiad questions.

Currently working as an IT specialist, Alizade provides IT services to many companies in Azerbaijan and Romania. At the same time, he is the founder of Online Education Platform.

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