Carl Azuz was the anchor of CNN 10 (CNN Student News). Now, this show is hosted by Coy Wire. Find out what happened to Carl Azuz.

Adak, United States, 5th Jun 2023, King NewsWireAfter more than a decade as the beloved host of CNN10, Carl Azuz has bid farewell to the show, leaving a trail of questions and concerns among his dedicated fan base. Known for his witty wordplay and unbiased reporting, why did carl azuz leave cnn 10 sudden departure gave rise to speculation and a longing for answers. In this press release, we aim to shed light on the circumstances surrounding Carl Azuz’s departure and provide updates on his current endeavors.

CNN10, previously known as CNN Student News, is a highly acclaimed ten-minute daily news program tailored for students aged thirteen and above. It has garnered a significant following among middle and high school students and their teachers, who often incorporate the show into their history classes.

Carl Azuz, a prominent figure on CNN10, hosted the show for over fifteen years, starting in 2007. Prior to joining CNN10, Azuz held various positions at CNN, showcasing his versatility and expertise in journalism. His charismatic delivery and pun-filled style endeared him to his young audience, providing a unique and engaging approach to news reporting.

While the exact reason for Carl Azuz’s departure has not been disclosed, CNN issued a statement confirming that he left due to a “personal decision” and was not terminated. Expressing gratitude for his dedicated service, CNN praised Azuz for his distinctive contribution to delivering news to a generation.

Following his departure from CNN10, Carl Azuz has embarked on new ventures. He has joined the Teen Fact-Checking Network (TFCN) as a spokesperson at MediaWise, an esteemed non-profit project by the Poynter Institute. MediaWise focuses on teaching Americans how to discern truth from fiction in the online realm.

Additionally, Azuz has begun reporting for Sonlight, a writing-based Christian homeschool curriculum. Through this platform, he produces a series of weekly reports, commencing from November nineteenth, providing valuable educational content for homeschooling families.

As of now, there are no indications of Carl Azuz returning to CNN10, as his LinkedIn profile indicates the conclusion of his tenure at CNN in October 2022. Fans can follow his latest work as a MediaWise Ambassador or enjoy his homeschooling contributions on Sonlight’s YouTube channel.

CNN10 has introduced Hesitant Wire as the new anchor, succeeding Carl Azuz. Wire, a former NFL professional football player, joined CNN in 2015 and brings his passion, expertise, and charm to the show. Embracing the challenge of filling Azuz’s shoes, Wire has been warmly received by the audience, maintaining the spirit and appeal of CNN10.

As the show continues with its commitment to unbiased and accessible news coverage, viewers can expect engaging content delivered in a captivating manner. CNN10 remains dedicated to providing a valuable resource for students and educators, ensuring an informed and enlightened generation.

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