Emerging Demands for RT Cranes: In recent market trends, the demand for Rough Terrain (RT) cranes has been on a steady rise. The versatility and mobility of RT cranes make them suitable for various off-road construction projects, including

China, 11th Sep 2023 – Emerging Demands for RT Cranes: In recent market trends, the demand for Rough Terrain (RT) cranes has been on a steady rise. The versatility and mobility of RT cranes make them suitable for various off-road construction projects, including infrastructure development and oil and gas operations. Xuzhou Jiufa Construction Machinery Co., Ltd (XJCM), a prominent crane manufacturer, has witnessed a surge in orders for their RT crane models. The ability of these cranes to navigate rough terrains and provide high lifting capacities has made them an indispensable asset for many construction companies.

Advantages of Self-Erecting Tower Cranes

Self erecting tower cranes have gained significant popularity in the construction industry due to their compact design and quick set-up capabilities. XJCM’s range of self-erecting tower cranes has been particularly well-received by construction firms looking to optimize their workspace and reduce installation time. These cranes offer an advantage in constrained urban environments where traditional tower cranes may not be feasible. The market has shown a preference for these space-saving solutions, leading to increased sales for XJCM.

Truck Cranes Addressing Lifting Challenges

30 ton rough terrain crane have been a go-to solution for various lifting and material handling challenges. These cranes are mounted on trucks, providing the flexibility to reach different job sites without the need for separate transportation. XJCM’s truck cranes have seen steady demand in the construction, logistics, and utilities sectors. With their mobility and ease of operation, they offer a cost-effective alternative to larger, fixed-location cranes, making them an attractive choice for small to medium-sized projects.

Challenges in the Market

Despite the positive market trends, there are some challenges that XJCM and other crane manufacturers are facing. One major hurdle is the increasing raw material costs, which have impacted overall production expenses. As the demand for cranes rises, maintaining a steady supply of raw materials at reasonable prices becomes crucial to meet market demands without compromising profitability.

Environmental Regulations and Technological Advancements

Another challenge in the market is the tightening of environmental regulations, which puts pressure on crane manufacturers to develop eco-friendly solutions. XJCM has been investing in research and development to incorporate cleaner and more energy-efficient technologies into their crane models. Adhering to stringent emission norms while ensuring high performance has become a key focus area for the company to sustain a competitive edge in the market.

Competition from Global Players

XJCM Self Erecting Tower Crane For Sale faces stiff competition from other global crane manufacturers seeking to expand their market share in the RT crane, self-erecting tower crane, and truck crane segments. These international players offer their own innovative products and may have established customer bases in different regions. To counter this competition, XJCM has been concentrating on enhancing its after-sales services, providing comprehensive training programs, and offering attractive financing options to win over customers.


The market for RT cranes, self-erecting tower cranes, and Excavator Bucket OEM Manufacturer are witnessing robust growth, with XJCM playing a significant role in meeting these demands. The company’s ability to adapt to market trends, address challenges effectively, and innovate with eco-friendly technologies will likely determine its continued success in this competitive landscape. As construction projects evolve and lifting requirements change, XJCM remains committed to providing cutting-edge crane solutions tailored to the diverse needs of its customers worldwide.

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