Liquid Crypto, Australia’s groundbreaking DeFi platform powered by AI, is thrilled to announce a major boost to its liquidity pools, offering users a guaranteed return of 15% annual percentage yield (APY) on LQDX tokens.

Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, 8th Jan 2024 – Liquid Crypto, Australia’s groundbreaking DeFi platform powered by AI, is thrilled to announce a major boost to its liquidity pools, offering users a guaranteed return of 15% annual percentage yield (APY) on LQDX tokens! There are two boosted pools for users; LQDX/BNB and LQDX/USDT trading pairs, providing greater incentives for users to participate in the Liquid Crypto ecosystem and unlock exceptional returns.

“We are thrilled to offer this substantial APY increase to our community. We understand the importance of maximising value for our users,” says Choua Lee, Co-Founder of Liquid Crypto. “This initiative reinforces our commitment to providing users with the best possible returns on their investments and fostering a thriving ecosystem where everyone can benefit. We believe that the 15% APY boost will further attract users and incentivize deeper engagement within the Liquid Crypto platform.”

This APY boost is just one of the many ways Liquid Crypto is constantly evolving and innovating to provide its users with a superior DeFi experience. The platform continues to build its robust ecosystem, attracting prominent partners and expanding its suite of AI-powered tools such as its revolutionary Swap+ and Bridge+ features.

The boosted APY pools offer users a chance to:

  • Maximise passive income: Earn a consistently high return on their LQDX holdings, compounding their wealth over time.
  • Experience the benefits of AI-powered DeFi: Leverage Liquid Crypto’s innovative features like Swap+ for the best rates and its free Bridge+ to optimise their DeFi experience.
  • Contribute to the platform’s growth: By providing liquidity, users help ensure the smooth functioning of the Liquid Crypto ecosystem and benefit from its success.

Whether you’re a seasoned DeFi veteran or just starting your journey, Liquid Crypto offers a user-friendly, AI-powered experience that democratises access to exceptional financial opportunities. With up to 15% APY on LQDX pools, now is the perfect time to join the Liquid Crypto revolution and explore the new frontier of DeFi.

Key Highlights:

  • Increased APY of up to 15% for LQDX/BNB and LQDX/USDT liquidity pools.
  • Swap+: Guarantees the best rates for token swaps based on liquidity available, eliminating manual searching and saving users time and money.
  • Bridge+: Enables secure and instant cross-chain asset transfers, opening up a wider world of DeFi opportunities.

LQDX is the beating heart of the Liquid Crypto ecosystem, granting holders a wide range of benefits and utilities:

  • Access Rewards: Earn a share of platform rewards for holding the token.
  • Earn Passively: Enjoy APY on your staked tokens.
  • VIP Access: Gain exclusive access to DeFi Mining+, Learning+, and other initiatives designed to maximise benefits.
  • Thriving Community: Connect, share knowledge, and collaborate with other LQDX holders through token-gated channels and exclusive events.

Liquid Crypto’s ascent within the DeFi landscape has been marked by a series of significant milestones. The rapid exhaustion of the Community Pre-Sale served as a testament to the platform’s early potential, attracting significant interest from the outset. This momentum was further amplified by the complete allocation of $LQDX tokens across prominent launchpads, including the industry leader DAO Maker, solidifying Liquid Crypto’s position as a leading DeFi innovator. 

Finally, its recent official TGE surpassed all pre-launch projections, culminating in a resounding success that cements Liquid Crypto as a leader in next-generation DeFi.

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About Liquid Crypto

Liquid Crypto is leading the way for the next generation of DeFi. Users can effortlessly complete all of their transactions within the one platform with confidence, knowing they will always be offered the lowest possible rate in the market. Liquid Crypto’s AI enables projects, traders and investors to effortlessly realise outsized returns in an omnichain reality by bridging the gap between CeFi, DeFi, Money Managers and Market Makers. 



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