Switzerland, 20th Jan 2024, King NewsWireSophie Su, a distinguished contemporary shaman, has been a beacon for profound communication between departed souls and their living family members since her 20s. Now in her 40s, she continues to elevate her practice, focusing on the people with precious souls seeking holistic healing, self-development, and manifestation of great success in their relationships, business, and health. 

Traditionally, a shaman is a spiritual practitioner who is an intermediary between the human and spirit realms. Shamans are found in various cultures worldwide, and their practices often involve rituals, ceremonies, and trance-like states to connect with spiritual entities or energies to heal humans and nature. They use valuable information to help the Earth’s evolution and manifest miracles. To foster well-being, Sophie adeptly taps into the wisdom of spirit guides and ancestors, extracting valuable insights to empower her clients, utilizing a unique blend of energy healing techniques. She provides manifestation tools, healing, and self-empowerment for her clients. Through her guidance, individuals discover their true essence, unlocking pathways to happiness and success in various aspects of their lives.

Sophie’s expertise extends beyond personal coaching, as she collaborates with spiritual guides and ancestors on journeys through diverse realms. This includes conducting intricate body scans, extracting negative energy, severing energy cords, addressing past lives and ancestral healing, resolving karmic issues or curses, retrieving lost souls, power-animal and personal power, removing possessions, and healing traumas. To discover the actual shamanic healing with her, embarking on a transformative journey with Sophie in Switzerland was a profoundly personal odyssey that stirred a unique blend of excitement and curiosity within me. Stepping into her sacred space, I was enveloped in a tranquil ambiance resonating with the soothing sounds of shamanic instruments and the subtle scent of sage. The room set the stage for an immersive encounter with the extraordinary, and Sophie, with her warm presence, graciously welcomed me into a realm that transcended the ordinary.

As Sophie unveiled the intricacies of her psychic surgery, a process weaving ancient shamanic tools, breathwork, energy healing, and music, I reclined on a treatment table surrounded by symbols and artifacts. The atmosphere became charged with anticipation, heightened by the presence of her medicine bundle, feathers, crystals, candle, Florida water, sage, and Swiss Odinelixir flower essence ready at hand.

The rhythmic beat of Sophie’s drumming commenced, creating a mesmerizing cadence seemingly synchronized with the universe’s pulse. Moving around my body, rattling and drumming, she evoked a subtle shift in energy, as if unseen forces were orchestrating a cosmic dance. Sophie’s ethereal voice accompanied the ritual, singing a song that resonated with timeless wisdom, further deepening the immersive experience. The fusion of breathwork and energy healing intensified the journey, with sensations sweeping through my body—tingling vibrations and occasional shifts within. The boundaries between the physical and the metaphysical blurred, creating a captivating exploration into the depths of my being. Sophie addressed various facets of the healing process, eliciting a profound sense of release. Layers of accumulated energies seemed to peel away, revealing an essence obscured for too long. What struck me most was the seamless integration of entertainment and efficacy. Sophie’s use of music, rhythmic drumming, and overall theatrics captivated my senses. It fostered a deeper connection with the healing energies. Entranced by the experience, I felt hot and cold chills and sensed subtle reactions within my internal organs.

Sophie’s 20 years of profound expertise in the body-mind-soul domain became palpable throughout the session. Beyond being a shaman and a healer, she emerged as a guide—a conduit for profound wisdom and a custodian of ancient practices in a modern world. As the session concluded, I emerged with renewed clarity and vitality. The experience, intricately woven with ancient rituals and contemporary healing modalities, left an indelible mark on my understanding of holistic well-being. She told me that after surviving domestic violence, going through many suicidal attempts, and losing her mother suddenly in an accident, she never thought all the pains and traumas in her past would give her all these extraordinary gifts and powers. These life lessons became the essence that motivated her to become a shaman, teach, and share critical knowledge with all the souls going through different phases of life. No matter who you are and what you used to experience, you can decide to evolve from now. And we are all as powerful as we could ever have imagined. When we are unwell, please don’t run away from it; sit in it, talk to it, and go over with it. Every soul is meaningful on this Earth.

Documenting this deeply personal shamanic journey, it became apparent that Sophie’s work transcends conventional healing. Her spiritual ability since a young age and her story are a testament to the profound impact of shamanic practices, offering a unique perspective on the convergence of ancient wisdom and contemporary well-being. Reflecting on this extraordinary experience fills me with gratitude for having actively participated in a healing journey that transcended the ordinary and ventured into the realms of the extraordinary.

In Sophie’s unique approach, she believes self-discovery and self-empowerment are lifelong expeditions marked by twists, turns, and unforeseen revelations. It invites us to befriend change, embrace vulnerability, surrender the presence, and cultivate a compassionate relationship with ourselves. Through each growth phase, we can cherish the evolving individual we are becoming.

In the symphony of life, let self-love and self-care resonate as harmonious notes. As we embark on the continuous journey of consciousness expansion, Sophie encourages an open heart and a mindful spirit. This ongoing dialogue with ourselves allows us to navigate life’s intricacies with grace, gratitude, and an unwavering commitment to our well-being.

Her commitment to offering exclusive retreats in Asia, Europe, and Saudi Arabia, with planned traveling to other countries this year, showcases her dedication to providing an unparalleled experience for her discerning clientele. For those seeking Sophie’s transformative touch, beginning a journey toward healing, spiritual awakening, self-empowerment, and holistic well-being, more information can be found at www.lovecareshare.ch  




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