Buea, Southwest Region, Cameroon – June 27, 2024– Otto’s Farms, a leading agricultural business in the Southwest Region, is proud to announce the expansion of its operations and the introduction of innovative farming practices designed to enhance sustainability and productivity in the agricultural sector. 

Located in Sandpit opposite Jasasa, Buea, Otto’s Farms specializes in the rearing of Broiler Chickens, Layer Chickens, Pigs, Goats, and the cultivation of a variety of crops. Our commitment to sustainable farming practices ensures that we provide our community with fresh, high-quality produce and livestock, while also protecting the environment. 

New Initiatives and Offerings:

1. Sustainable Practices: Otto’s Farms has adopted several sustainable farming practices, including organic fertilization, crop rotation, and integrated pest management. These methods not only improve the quality of our produce but also reduce our environmental footprint. 

2. Innovative Farming Techniques: We are excited to introduce state-of-the-art technologies such as automatic drinkers and feeders for our poultry, and advanced irrigation systems for our crops. These innovations help us maintain high standards of animal welfare and crop production. 

3. Diverse Product Range: Our farm offers a wide range of products including fresh eggs, high-quality meat, and a variety of crops. We take pride in our ability to meet the diverse needs of our customers while maintaining the highest standards of quality. 

4. Community Engagement: Otto’s Farms is dedicated to supporting the local community. We offer free delivery within Buea for orders of 12 trays of eggs or more, ensuring that our fresh, healthy products are accessible to everyone. 

Upcoming Projects:

 • Rabbit Farming: Starting this year, Otto’s Farms will introduce rabbit farming, focusing on both pets and food rabbits. This new venture will include the construction of rabbit housing, proper feeding techniques, and the selection of suitable breeds. 

• Fishery Expansion: Our fish farming operations will expand to include catfish and tilapia, providing a new source of fresh, locally raised fish to the community. 

About Otto’s Farms: Founded with a vision to transform the agricultural landscape of Buea, Otto’s Farms is dedicated to promoting sustainable farming practices and providing high-quality agricultural products. Our mission is to inspire, educate, and empower our community by sharing our experiences and innovations in farming.

 For more information about Otto’s Farms and our products, please visit our website at www.ottosfarms.com or follow us on social media at @OttosFarms.


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